Auxiliary Report

Auxiliary News for April, May & June 2018

Dear Ladies of the Auxiliary,

Today the weather is cold and snowy and I am trying to create happy thoughts of Spring. 

We have started working on our Annual Reports and we will need to have these done by the 15th of April.  Our Community Service Chairman, Linda Amundson, has a notebook at the Post to add all of your community service hours.  You can update them at our next meeting, or you can get them to Linda A. so that she can start compiling the information early.

Spring is also the time to start thinking about Girls State which is open to all High School Juniors.  The dates this year are June 10-16th.  More information will be shared as we get closer. 

One of our biggest fund raisers for our unit is the Poppy Distribution.  We really need everybody to help us with this event.  The Legion Auxiliary, with the help of our Legionnaires, is scheduled for Memorial Weekend and that will include the Brats at the Courthouse on that Friday, May 25th, 2018.  The funds raised with this event all help our Veterans and their families. 

Important Notice

This is a notice that our dues are being raised at National which affects all of us.  At this time, Unit 86 will be raising our unit dues to $30.00 for Seniors and $5.00 for Juniors starting in 2019.  We have tried to keep the Juniors as low as possible because we know that many of the parents and grandparents pay for the Juniors, and they are our future.  This might be a good time for some of you to consider a “paid up for life” membership.  If this is something that you might be interested in, please contact me, and I can give you an accurate one time fee.  Please keep in mind that your dues need to be up to date. 


We are keeping the information for the National Website in our newsletter, there is a lot of current information available to you as members.  Check out the National website:  www.alaforveterans , and Minnesota’s at  My email address is: bsdeloach03@gmail.comThe web site for the Aitkin Lee Post 86 is:  Please share this information.   

 Membership:  Sandi DeLoach

 Please check your dues card.  Have you moved?  Please make sure that I have your current address and  email if it applies to you.  


None at this time.  Stay healthy everyone!

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